We perform various Cosmetic Facial procedures including face lift, neck lift, forehead lift, eyebrow lift, Otoplasty (correction of prominent ears and torn earlobe), facial implants (cheek, chin, temple, mandibular), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), lip lift, lip augmentation, lip reduction, PRP facial treatments and Chemical peels

Facial Silicone Implants: These implants add volume and projection to the face. As we get to our mid 30’s we start to lose fat volume and the skin starts to droop. Implants provide a long lasting effect decreasing the recurrent need for dermal fillers. Temple implants are placed on the sides of the upper face to eliminate the hollow and flat appearance. Cheek implants are placed in the cheek area to provide volume and projection to the midface. Chin implants provide chin projection and a stronger look. Mandibular implants provide a masculine defined jawline.

The patient below had submalar silicone cheek implants placed under local anesthesia with monitored sedation replenishing the midface volume and providing nice and youthful cheek projection

cheek implant

Lip Augmentation: Normally the upper lip 1/3 the total lip volume while the lower lip represents the other 2/3. The central part of the upper lip is called Cupid’s bow and the 2 skin ridges from the upper lip to the nose are called the philtrum. This area provides projection of the lip. Lip augmentation can be achieved with different methods, we commonly use Hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g. Restylane Silk, Juvederm) and off label Silikon 1000

The patient below had good volume of the lower lip, however the upper lip was smaller than what she would like and there was lack of projection. Restylane Silk was used to add volume and projection to the lip achieving a balanced and natural look

lip enhancemen, filler

The patient below wanted fuller lips with more projection while keeping a natural look. This was achieved using Juvederm

juvederm lip augmentation

Face and Neck Lift: This procedure goes beyond just removal of excess skin as this does not provide long lasting results. It is very important to tighten the deeper layer (SMAS system) which we perform while lifting the face and neck to achieve durable lift. We perform this procedure under local anesthesia with monitored sedation. Other procedures might be included to obtain excellent results as liposuction of the neck, tightening the platysma (if patient has platysmal banding), placing chin or cheek implants etc.

The patient below had severe laxity of the neck with platysmal banding and poor definition of the jawline with jowls appearance. Neck and lower face lift was performed achieving excellent natural results with a hidden scar

face and neck lift

The patient below underwent Lip Augmentation with Hylauronic Acid Filler

lip augmentation HA filler hylaronic acid filler Restylane